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Wilder Studio: Exclusive showcase by Creatures Ferris is coming up!

In less than two weeks an impressive event will take place at Wilder Studio in London. US-Talent Creatures Ferris is inviting us for an unique showcase with three big support acts! But who is this aspiring DJ and when will the event take place? We got all the answers and some exclusive news for you ...

The Rising Star from the US West Coast

Christopher Pearson Shambayati, better known as Creatures Ferris, is an upcoming DJ and producer from California. He started to find his interests in music at the early age of nine, when he began to teach himself how to DJ. In 2014, during his studies at Adam State University in Colorado, he kicked off his professional DJ career and started to grow quickly.

A lot of performances at various venues and DJ battles for crowds of thousands helped him to improve his superior skills. Only one year later, the US-DJ moved to Los Angeles and started to work on his first very own EP.

Just as a musician's life is, you also have to take a lot of gigs and so Creatures Ferris began to perform all over the US West Coast. Till today, the 22-year old record producer was able to play in locations such as Avalon Hollywood and the capital of partying: Las Vegas. In addition to this, Ferris had the honor to work with DJs such as Vince's Staples Blackout.

Now he decided to come to London and is going to play an exclusive showcase at Wilder Studio in London.

11th October: Save the date!

The event is going to take place on October 11th and starts at 5pm. Besides of Creatures Ferris, there are going to be three more DJs, who will create a remarkable and unforgettable evening.

Deep House-DJane Eva Berberyan, Frank-Lo from Napoli and Kyra will perform on the same evening. Although the whole event is hosted by DJ Ghxxst, the focus of the whole night is on someone else: Creatures Ferris.

The US-Star is the newest member of the Wilder family and will play an exclusive showcase. Besides his already published tracks, he will play some unreleased and well selected songs, that were never shown to the world before.

So don't forget: On October 11th you better be at Wilder Studio London, because otherwise you will miss an unique event!

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