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Wilder Houseparty: The first event of a whole new series!

During the last couple of months, the live music industry had to take a mandatory break. Because of the coronavirus, there was no opportunity to let festivals, concerts, parties and live gigs to take place. Even Wilder suffered from that and had to postpone their European bus tour, that was originally scheduled for the beginning of 2020.

In strugling times like that, you have to find new possibilities. The London based management was able to concentrate their work on the relaunch after the pandemic. After this long time, Wilder is about to host their first event and for this special occasion, the studio was even able to collaborate with an Italian party agency!

The Wilder Houseparty is coming to London

After months without the possibility to party, everybody is excited for going back to a "normal" rave again. The first clubs are opening, the first festivals are planning their restart and of course, Wilder Studio is taking part in that game as well:

Together with "bandoparty" - a well known, Italian party agency from Milan - the first "Wilder Houseparty" is going to take place at the studio in London. On Saturday the 12th of September the first edition is going to be held from 7pm till 2am and this well known DJ is going to spin the turntables:

DJ ghxxst - Wilder family exclusive - is invited and will perform live from the agency. With this well selected artist you will be provided with an exclusive mix of Deep House, Hip-Hop and Melodic Techno.

If you can't attend the event, but still want to experience the vibe of it, we got a solution for you: After the event, we will place an exclusive aftermovie. Just check out our social media accounts on the days after the 12th of September.

Of course, this event won't be held for a single time. For the upcoming weeks and months, there are more "Wilder Houseparties" planned and this event is only the beginning of something big. Be prepared for more DJ's, more parties and even bigger venues!

Stay tuned and we will update you with the latest news!

Credits: Wilder Studio

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