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Glamour model & DJane: This Multitalent artist is the newest Wilder member!

For years now, the Wilder Family in London is constantly getting bigger and bigger. The Artist management was able to welcome the most different DJs like Creatures Ferris or the DJ-Duo Blondz. Now they got another new member and she is truely an unique multitalent. Please welcome Eva Berberyan:

The Multitalent from Armenia

Born in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, Yeva grew up in a political family, while her father was the president of an agriculture union. After travelling and emigrating to several countries, Berberyan discovered her interest in modelling. She quickly started to work as an official playmate in Bulgaria and became a highly qualified personal trainer.

In addtion to this, the Armenian model graduated from a linguistic university and speaks seven different languages. At the age of 27, Miss Berberyan found her interests in electronic music and quickly started to learn and improve her DJ skills. She decided to travel to London and thats the place to be, to make the next big steps!

Eva Berberyan is making big steps!

After modelling and performing for big model agencies all around the globe, Eva Berberyan decided to take her next steps at Wilder Studio. For several days, the Armenian all-rounder took part at an exclusive DJ-Course in the multimedia studio in London.

Since the topmodel knew already a lot about mixing and DJ-ing, she just had to learn some advanced techniques. Over several days during the training, Eva really got into the work as a DJ and now she is ready to perform. Wilder can be sure, that there are definetely not a lot of DJanes, who look better behind the desks:

In addition to the DJ-workshop, the topmodel was provided with some well selected teaching units about career building. After learning both sites of the DJ-life - live mixing and career building - Eva Berberyan is truely ready to perform all around the world. We can't wait to see her playing live and operating with her new DJ-skills!

Her first gig is going to take place at an exclusive and unique venue. On the first of November Eva is going to perform at Looking Glass Cocktail Club and will play an remarkable first set. No doubt, in one week you'll better be at the Londoner Cocktail Club, because otherwise you'll miss an world premiere!

Credits: Wilder Studio

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